The Maxxloader is the first backpack loader of its kind that is capable of storing and firing more than 2,000 paintballs in one load. It relies on smart German technology that creates an unlimited paintball gameplay experience. We wish you loads of fun!

2,000+ paintballs in one load

Maxxloader is a revolutionary paintball backpack loader with a capacity of more than 2,000 paintballs. It is more than 10 times the average loader capacity!

Advanced Technology

A high-tech feeding mechanism, designed and patented in Germany, enables an output of up to 22 balls per second with smooth and immediate ball delivery. 

Next level of gameplay

Forget the annoying hopper and connect your Maxxloader to your marker using the flexible hose. Get a better view, balance and take your gameplay to the next level.

  • Maxxloader™ backpack with robust storage container (2,000+ paintballs capacity) – only available in OLIVE
  • High-tech feeding mechanism, designed and patented in Germany
  • Feeds up to 22 balls per second
  • Re-chargeable battery that can easily provide power for more than 100,000 shots
  • Feed Adapter with LED indicators
  • Adjustable hose to connect the Maxxloader™ to your marker
  • Battery level status indicator
  • Maxxloader™ charger with adapter for Europe and U.S.
  • Detailed user manual in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and German
  • Warranty card for online registration
  • Our present to you: High quality carrying system for backpack and for large pressure bottle

499.00 US-Dollar

That's what the scene says

Behind the Bunker is proud to say that MaxXloader is one of the most revolutionary new paintball products in years!


We were given the opportunity to demo one of the first production models of the new MaxXloader, in less than ideal weather conditions the MaxXloader lived up to all expectations. Over 4’000 rounds were moved through this revolutionary piece of equipment without a single break or jam.

The MaxXloader is certain to gain a foothold on any field and give players using it the MaxX-advantage.

See you on the field. Pew Pew

Joe Kimpson, Behind the Bunker

Top quality! No ball breaks in the backpack even though I fell over. No miss-feeds or delay between shots. Got my tanks mounted and works great.

Christopher Noury, Iowa, USA

It was 35 degrees outside and we ended up going through a total of two and a half cases of paint, shooting nelson anarchy paint. The MaxXloader performance was amazing.

Norman Davis, New Hampshire, USA

Even at 10° Celsius the Loader delivered what was promised. Furthermore Maxxloader manages to be close to it’s customers and I like that.

Bert Müller, Germany

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  • More income through rental fees for Maxxloader
  • More sales of paint (2,000 shots per Maxxloader rental)
  • Higher spend through more upgrades to Maxxloader by various players due to enhanced competition
  • More interest of players due to new loader
  • Be different, offer your players more fun than other sites
  • Offer more new game plays e.g. for stag parties

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